S-NEW KIKA レースアップブーツ

brand: Schutz
New Velvet Black


スエードの甲にレザーソール. レースアップフロント. サイドジッパークロージャー. 尖がったつま先. ヒールの高さは約2.5"、シャフトの高さは約5". ブラジル製. Revolveスタイル番号 SCHU-WZ709. メーカースタイル番号 S206580014.

Founded in 1995 by Alexandre Birman, Schutz has redefined attainable luxury, trend-forward footwear. With each new release, Schutz delivers the most of-the-moment collections that are the hero pieces around which entire outfits are built. Defined by confident, bold, and purpose-driven attitude, Schutz shoes lead the conversation, delivering fashion at your feet, one head-turning pair at a time. In her Schutz, she can conquer anything