HEART ウエッジクリーパー
Love Moschino

Love Moschino

  • パテントレザーアッパーに人工ソール
  • レースアップフロント
  • 生地パッチアクセント
  • ウエッジ(かかと箇所)の高さは約2"、プラットフォームの高さは約1"
  • Revolveスタイル番号 LVMS-WZ44
  • メーカースタイル番号 JA10225I02 JE0

Formerly known as Moschino Jeans, Love Moschino is a part of the Aeffe fashion group and is well known for its classico con twist, classical twist. Originally created in 1983 by the late Francisco Moschino and now headed by Rosella Jardini, the look of Moschino garments is often referred to as classical, whimsical, sexy, and unique with a dash of humour.

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